Sunday, February 7, 2016

P_DEP_SOONEST Partial Mosaic

Below is a quick partial mosaic from an obviously much larger composite of P_DEP_SOONEST, from the latest LORRI release this past Friday. The bright internal reflections from the Sun entering the outer lens of LORRI from a low phase angle can be noticed in each frame as a elliptical error. More time could be spent with these images to generate more proper dark frames to get rid of the inconsistencies but I felt like this version was enjoyable enough for a partial mosaic.

Worth noting is a fair it of detail along the limb of Pluto. I'm a little unclear of proper orientation but I believe the upper most limb is approximately 90-degrees to the west of Tombaugh Regio which would make the far right limb approximately the far southern tip of Tombaugh Regio.

P_DEP_SOONEST (partial)

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