Tuesday, February 23, 2016


LAMO image 32 has been released to the JPL Photojournal.

LAMO 32 features an oblique view across Juling crater. Juling crater is approximately 20 kilometers in diameter and appears to be a result from a relatively recent impact, evidenced by the very well defined rim and the strong blue tint to the surrounding area.

On one portion of the rim, the terrain appears to be well compacted and stable resulting in a series of exposed, jagged spurs, as the areas around this hardened soil have slumped away. The crater basin appears to be well filled with slumped material from the rim, giving the floor of the crater a rather lumpy appearance. An ejecta blanket also appears to extend from the top edge of the crater in the imaged region, extending upwards, giving the nearby area a smooth appearance in contrast with the areas near the bottom.

All together, this suggest that Juling crater is rather recent impact in a mixed soil area. The strong blue tint could indicate the presence of volatiles which could further explain the softness of much of the surrounding soil, and the rapid slumping that has occured.

As noted in the Photojournal entry, the imaged region is centered at approximately 33.6 degrees south latitude, 168.7 degrees east longitude.

LAMO 32 - PIA20386
Imaging Map (2016-02-23)

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