Friday, February 5, 2016


The American Geophysical Union Fall 2015 session is now available in (mostly) whole form online, to any interested parties. I've not yet had the chance to view many of these talks but there appears to be a great number of very interesting sessions. One further note, these have been marked as being available for only 6 months following the event. I am unsure if this means they will go offline in June or July of this year. I am going to be making an effort to encourage these videos be rehosted on so that they may continue to be viewed by the interested public. 

Once again, I believe it is imperative that these videos and other similar content from these events, be made as publicly available as possible to encourage people to take a more in depth interest in science. It has often been my experience that most blogs and news outlets only provide a tiny amount of the information discussed at these events. Many times they lack the images and slides that really make the information fully understandable. And besides, who better to take the information from than directly from people associated with the mission.

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