Wednesday, February 17, 2016


LAMO image 28 has been released to the JPL Photojournal.

LAMO 28 features the southeastern rim of Datan crater. Datan crater overlaps the larger crater, Geshtin. The interior basin of Geshtin crater is situated east of the imaged rim. Cratering density and the overall color of the region suggests both Datan and Geshtin are quite old. A splash of blueish-green seems to be draped over the central portion of the Datan crater basin. This correlates to the smooth areas in the imaged region, coming from the top left, and are likely the result of ejected material from a nearby, much younger crater to the north, not imaged in this capture.

LAMO 28 - PIA20382
Imaging Map (2016-02-17)

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