Tuesday, February 16, 2016


LAMO image 27 has been released to the JPL Photojournal.

LAMO 27 features an area situated between major craters, Urvara and Yalode. The terrain is mostly absent of large impacts, with exception to three craters that measure approximately 4-kilometers across. The Photojournal entry notes that some of the large, mountain-like features share resemblance to smooth sides of the much larger Ahuna Mons. When looking at the topographic map, the imaged region also appears to be a portion of a long chain of mountainous features between the two major craters. As noted in the Photojournal entry, the imaged region is centered at approximately 41.1 degrees south latitude, 267.6 degrees east longitude.

LAMO 27 - PIA20381
Imaging Map (2016-02-16)

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