Saturday, February 27, 2016


LAMO image 35 has been released to the JPL Photojournal.

LAMO 35 features an unnamed region east of Guaue crater, in the northern hemisphere. Much of the area is saturated with small impacts. The crater rim to the north appears to be quite old due to its heavily impacted and worn state. However, interestingly, the area appears to return a strong blue signature which would typically suggest a recent impact in the area. Such an impact is not present in this image. The source of the ejected, blue material is likely to be from nearby Guaue crater. As noted on the Photojournal entry, the imaged region is centered at approximately 30.8 degrees north latitude, 95.9 degrees east longitude.

LAMO 35 - PIA20389
Imaging Map (2016-02-26)

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