Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Work in Progress

Sorry for the lack of updates. I've had an ongoing project I decided to dedicate myself to and I've let several Dawn images slip by. Those will get processed in time, including the newly released Occator images.

Nonetheless, this project should interest a good number of you.

Previously, I worked on and released a synthetic animation of Wright Mons on Pluto, transitioning from the global color MVIC image to the MVIC panchromatic crescent. That image has a lot of views and has had a lot of interest. Well, that animation was really just a portion of a must larger, full animation between the global view and the entire crescent. I'm still working on it but I'm happy to share a reduced resolution image of the colorized crescent image.

This is based on the enhanced colorized global view I previously worked on. Further enhancements were made to account for the more oblique view and the higher albedo in many of the features as a result. Finally, the atmospheric glow is based on the color MVIC look-back previously released. It has been enlarged and composited onto the haze layers above the surface.

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