Thursday, January 14, 2016

Wright Mons in Enhanced Color

Today NASA just released a great colorized image of Wright Mons. This was an especially notable feature even in much lower resolutions. A large mound-like feature with a pit in the middle has few possible explanations, leaving the likelihood that Wright Mons is a cryovolcano. As NASA notes in their short article, if the feature is a cryovolcano, it is the largest such structure in the outer Solar System. However, Pluto is not alone in possible cryovolcanism. Both Enceledus and Triton are known to have cryovolcanism and Titan has several features that may be cryovolcanos. It's always exciting when we're reminded that we live in a very active stellar system. While there isn't tremendous evidence that would suggest Wright Mons has been recently active, the large region known as Sputnik Planum suggests there may be ongoing active processes, more than 4,287,000,000 kilometers, from our own little active world.

Lastly, several months ago, I produced a photogrammetry animation of Wright Mons, between an overhead LORRI image and the familiar MVIC crescent image. Later I adapted my super enhanced, colorized full disc Pluto image onto the animation frames to colorize them. As I haven't yet finished working on the New Horizons mission page for this blog, this animation will just be present in this posting for now. Later on, there will be a dedicated section for other animations but for now, please enjoy the animation below.
Wright Mons in Enhanced Color

Full resolution is 1603x906 - fullscreen recommended.

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