Friday, March 4, 2016

Saturday Morning Films - Mar 5

Saturday Morning Films features educational film reels of the past for you to wake up to, on your Saturday morning. Typically there is a combined running length of roughly one hour and usually focus on a single broad topic.

This Saturday: Plastics

Synthetic Fibers - 1949 - Synthetic Fibers: Reveals how modern science and technology have made possible the development of new artificial fibers for making textiles -- specifically rayon and nylon. Portrays some of the processes used in making these fibers, ways in which they are useful to man and characteristic of the textiles made from them. - Encyclopedia Britannica Films

Origin & Synthesis of Plastics Materials - 1945 - Origin And Synthetis of Plastics Materials: Shows the organic origins of plastics and natural substances; synthesis of plastics from natural substances; differences between thermosetting and thermoplastic materials; compounding platics to provide desired properties in products forms in which plastics are produced and typical plastics products.- U.S. Office of Education

Kingdom of Plastics - 1945 - The Kingdom of Plastics: This early Technicolor presentation, sponsored by General Electric, opens with a group of children playing blindman's bluff. Little Susie is stumped because the object she's trying to guess is not from the animal, vegetable or mineral kindoms, but her dad (an engineer) soon sets her straight. It's from the "fourth kingdom," he explains -- the kingdom of plastics. After reviewing the role of thermoplastic and thermosetting compounds in history and World War II, this film ends on a note of postwar positivism, as the narrator speculates about plastic fabrics, shoes-of-the-future, and other man-made wonders of the world of tomorrow. - General Electric / Handy (Jam) Organization

Plastics - 1944 - Plastics: Surveys the growth of the plastic industry, stressing the new materials developed during World War II. Shows the manufacture and fabrication of articles from plastic materials. - Young America Films


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