Saturday, March 12, 2016

Saturday Morning Films - Mar 12

Saturday Morning Films features educational film reels of the past for you to wake up to, on your Saturday morning. Typically there is a combined running length of roughly one hour and usually focus on a single broad topic.

No theme today.

Technicolor for Industrial Films - 1949 - Technicolor for Industrial Films: Film promoting use of Technicolor process to industrial film producers. - Technicolor Corporation

The Media center in action - 1972 - The Media center in action: Shows how today's modern media center is working with schools, with a media specialist as coordinator to help teachers make the best use of media. - Coronet Instructional Films

Alaska: A Modern Frontier - 1948 - Alaska: A Modern Frontier: Views of the Territory of Alaska. - Coronet Instructional Films 

Out of This World - Out of This World: A strange propaganda-like advertisement - Frigidaire / General Motors

The Big Bounce - 1960 - The Big Bounce: The story of the Echo communications satellite project, and how scientists learned to bounce a radio signal off a big balloon. - Fairbanks Productions 

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