Thursday, March 3, 2016


LAMO image 38 has been released to the JPL Photojournal.

LAMO 38 features the northwestern rim and interior basin of Azacca crater near the Cerian equater, in the Occator quadrangle. A large system of fractures is present across the eastern portion of the interior basin. These fractures are possibly due to the rapid cooling of the surface shortly after the impact. The rim of Azacca exhibits a great deal of mass wasting, leading to the terraced appearance. Much of the crater floor also appears rather smooth. In the color map, Azacca crater also has a strong blue signature, further suggesting it is likely a result of a recent impact.

As noted in the Photojournal entry, the imaged region is centered at approximately 5.3 degrees south latitude, 217.4 degrees east longitude.

LAMO 38 - PIA20392
Imaging Map (2016-03-02)

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