Saturday, January 23, 2016

Updates today and in the future

Apologies for the slow posting this week. At my work, we were installing a new exhibition. Later on I may have some posts featuring content from the exhibition. 

Later today I will be debuting a new feature for the blog with a focus on older educational videos. There is something about the mid-atlantic accent mixed with the over-the-top wonderfully curious lives featured in these videos that makes me miss them even though I was never around to see the format disappear. This feature will likely be shifted to a Saturday morning schedule and should include a mix of videos that together, span approximately 30 minutes.

Also, LAMO 10 and LAMO 11 from Dawn will be posted today. There doesn't appear to have been a release of images to the New Horizons SOC for the second week in a row. And finally, I also plan to roll-out some new mission pages for New Horizons, Juno and possibly Voyager.

In the past I've spent hours upon hours researching and locating documents, images and other content for NASA missions to update articles on Wikipedia. Wikipedia is a great resource which is why I continue to link articles in these blog posts. However, maintaining an article is extremely time consuming. Unless you sit on the article and act as a rude hawk, defending your research and writing, it can take a very short time before your efforts disappear as one person rewrites this sentence and moves this section or completely deletes an entire portion. And that has to be ok because its a community project. No single person owns an article and you have to be willing to accept that some people will disagree with how an article is written. 

Nonetheless, my eventual goal for this blog and webpage is to bring that content to this blog in a format that I can easily maintain. My hope is that it will be a very dense resource, not just for those looking to learn about NASA missions but for those that want to know how a specific instrument functions to capture data.

This is a long term goal for this page and it can't happen over-night so check in regularly as I continue to update the blog.

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