Friday, January 29, 2016

14th SBAG: Day 3

The 14th SBAG meeting continues on day 3 today.

Agenda (pdf)

Live video feed

Of most interest to me is the presentation from the Dawn mission at the start of the meeting today (currently ongoing). Following this presentation is an update to the James Webb Space Telescope construction, which just this morning, finished installing the final mirror on the monolithic assembly.  Later this morning is several presentations on small satellite concepts and the meeting will wrap up at noon-time PST. 

I received further comment from an SBAG committee member in regards to accessing the recorded presentations. The request was forwarded on to the NASA public affairs office which should provide an answer to whether these videos can be distributed.

Dawn presentation

I unfortunately did not get to see the entire presentation this morning. I am very hopeful that it will be possible to get a link to the recording for later viewing. For the portion of the presentation that I did see, there was a plentiful amount of new information with a lot of really great slides as well. Those slides aren't yet posted but I was told they should be up by the end of the day. Watch for another update here for that. One slide I screencapped was a previously unreleased LAMO image of a portion of Haulani. Its low in resolution from the video feed, but I can imagine it is much better in appearance in the PDF slide presentation. And once again, if I receive a link for the recorded presentation, you can expect it to be in an update here as well.

Haulani crater on Ceres from the Dawn mission in LAMO

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