Tuesday, December 22, 2015

I haven't updated this blog in over a year. Currently I have focused my efforts on planetary science and image processing. I will be slowly adding those products to several galleries that will turn up here in an organized manner eventually. The one I've just added features images processed from the Dawn mission, currently orbiting (1) Ceres, the largest object in the Asteroid Belt. Their team currently releases a single image every day. I've made it a goal to locate and place an outline of the regions these images cover and provide that product to the public in the hopes of spurring further interest in an incredible world that may only seem simple, bleak and grey to most.

The Pluto-Charon system has been of great interest to me as well and I've also released a multitude of products covering the New Horizons mission as well. However, lately my focus has been on developing my own algorithms to better process the data to bring further clarity of the images. Recently an image I released was featured on the front cover of the Planetary Report, for which I'm very proud and grateful to see my work can be enjoyed by so many. Look for these images to be uploaded soon as well.

In the future, I also plan to do some more reblogging of stories I've found interesting. This will hopefully become another feature with the ones I outlined previously. The previous features will also receive more attention in the future, but I must say, they will likely be more of a novelty bit rather than the proposed weekly addition.

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