Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Entry #1: Current Project List

As a person with a lot of ideas that come and go at a whim, I'd like to begin sharing some of them in the hopes that I will inspire someone else to innovate.  I will note that for any specific design plans that I post in the future (there will be many) I will gladly allow you to use them as you please so long as you offer credit where credit is due and I will do the same.  As for intellectual property rights, patents, etc. I strongly disagree with them and feel they stand in the way for future innovation.

Current Project List
  1. Digitus controlled autofocusing monoviewer
  2. Digitus rapid tuning lens
  3. Edmund Optics rapid tuning lens
  4. Segmented mirror demonstration
  5. Spherical mirror binocular
  6. Heated window shade de-icer
  7. Wind tunnel

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